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IF THAT’S LOVE New Site Content Poll

If you’ve ever visited If That’s Love and you’ve thought to yourself, “Gee, I wish the site would add more of __________,” now is your chance to make your wish known so you get more of what you want sooner.

Visit the site and vote in the tiny poll box on the left-hand side. What can you vote for?
* Press Articles (for old magazine interviews with KDP, RH and TSJ to be added to the archives)
* T&B Timeline (which is currently incomplete)
* Fan Art (for more T&B banners and avatars to use on message boards)
* Todd Quotes
* Blair Quotes
* “Todd”/Victor Jr. Quotes
* 1995 Transcripts
* 2000 Transcripts
* 2001 Transcripts
* The T&B Wedding Scrapbook (which is currently incomplete)

I’m asking because I’m honestly interested in your input. The site is for you and, since I have limited time during the day to work on the site, I often have a hard time trying to decide what should get first priority. Voting in the poll and/or commenting on this post will help me figure out which things I should be working on first and foremost.

And if you have a T&B blog, please feel free to re-blog.

Thank you!

Nothing tame or boring for Mr. and Mrs. Manning. Oh, and kid. Let’s leave the two-car garages and the picket fences to everybody else. We’ve got style.
ITL Update 7/28/13: T&B quotes from April 1995; TSJ interview quotes; interview quotes from GH stars about RH; new KDP, RH and TSJ pics. Plus a site poll so you can vote on what you want to see on the next update.

This foreshadowing, I swear….

I was in the middle of transcribing the April 1995 T&B transcripts for the website when I heard Todd randomly mention his hate for fog. Of course, I immediately thought of Ireland.

[Notes: This is my first time working with GIF dialogue. Is it easy to read? Would you guys like other vintage GIF sets similar to these? BTW, click here and here to see the actual video clips.]

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ITL Update 6/16/13: RH and KDP pics; T&B quotes from October 2000; interview quotes from KDP and TSJ; interview quotes from OLTL cast members about KDP, RH, TSJ, and the character of Blair Cramer.

I still get to you. You don’t know what I’m going to do next, and you like that. You like a life full of surprises.
ITL Update 3/23/13: Five T&B 2000 transcripts (including T&B locked in the storage room); T&B quotes from Sept. 2000; new RH and KDP pics.
Everybody’s trying to change me, Blair. Tea, Viki, Sam — they’re trying to re-design me. Everybody wants me to change. Everybody but you.
ITL Update 12/27/12: Five T&B 2000 transcripts (including the park bench heart-to-heart); four T&B 2001 transcripts (including the storage room proposal); new RH and KDP pics.
ITL Update 11/12/12: Ten new avatars; T&B quotes from 2000; Blair/Dorian quotes; Todd/Sam quotes; “Todd”/Rex quotes.

ITL Update 11/12/12: Ten new avatars; T&B quotes from 2000; Blair/Dorian quotes; Todd/Sam quotes; “Todd”/Rex quotes.